March 2, 2018


A Soulpreneur's heart and purpose propel them to do what they do. It's a way of life. Serving others is as important as the bottom line. Their priorities and focus are in alignment with their calling. It's a different way of operating in the world.  Authentic, personal and soulful. I'd go so far to say that once you notice the Soulprenuer call on your heart that it's impossible to ignore. 


My Soulpreneur journey came alive years ago. It started initially as a low level discontent with how things worked in the corporate world. I began to feel a nudge...there had to be more to business and life. The feelings grew and I realized I no longer wanted to live a business life and a personal life. An integrated life was calling my name.


I joined a Soulprenuer mastermind shortly after I began my own marketing business. This special group of driven, heart-led and divinely placed women created the perfect incubator. I was pretty fresh in my new marketing business, but what was really on my heart was a personal calling. I had a desire to help others living with grief. The ins and outs of how it would work or what it would look like were not in my purview...yet. I just felt the yearning and let myself do some dreaming and scheming. 


Fast forward and today my dreaming and scheming are now tangible. I did a soft launch of my grief guidance practice last year and the BIG launch is just around the corner where I'll unveil my new logo and website. It's pretty beautiful to see such an evolution of a dream and to work with people on such an intimate level. 


That brings me to the purpose for this blog post. My other calling is that I am passionate about helping other Soulpreneurs market their passion, purpose, solution, ah-ha ideas, whatever it is that makes you glow from the inside out. I get it. I have a tender place in my heart for other Soulprenuers with a dream, a calling and a will that just won't quit. 


Does this ring true for you? Then I'm your gal. I'm here when you're ready for marketing coaching, guidance, support and to create a loving space to incubate your ideas and/or release your passion into the world. 




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