Saying no to say yes

October 10, 2017

As an entrepreneur it feels completely counter intuitive to say no to new business. Aren't we supposed to welcome anything that comes our way? 


No. Actually hell no, feels more authentic. 


Working your passion from a place of fear means saying yes to the very things that make you cringe. Your body actually has a reaction to the wrong work. The feeling might be a lower vibration than that. It might just feel like, meh...not for me. Whatever the feeling, it is not a feeling of freedom, curiosity nor alignment. Yet in the back of the mind, there's this little voice that's nudging you to grab whatever arises because it could be the last thing coming your way --- EVER. 


Working your passion from a place of knowing means saying no when your instincts throw up the red flags. It means listening to your gut. It means going against the grain and every day thought that you better hustle every last little bread crumb on the planet. It also means saying yes when you feel like you're ready to soar. When the work in front of you makes you come alive...that's working your passion. That's the kind of work I do. 


By saying no to work, it's actually saying yes to the right work. If I say yes to work that is not in alignment, then I am taking myself out of the game for the very work that is seeking me out. How can I be ready to jump into curiosity if I am shackled by work that doesn't fit within my vision? I must keep myself open and ready for the right work. 


It can feel scary to do business in alignment with what I want because that means I do things differently. And isn't that why I began my own business in the first place?! I am designing the life I want to live and that includes choosing the clients and work I connect with, love and grow. 


How do you handle the ebb and flow of work - whether right or wrong for your business {you} - and your inner voice calling for security and stability?








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