I can do that...in my dreams

June 14, 2017


Now that's a slick recording studio Resounding Mountain. 🎙🎧


We wrapped some voice over work for my new video. All the while I was in awe. When I work with other business owners there's a camaraderie. We are all doing our craft and putting it out there for the world to see. 


And I had to laugh at myself for even thinking for a second that maybe I could just get a friend to shoot some video on a mobile phone and use the heck out of Google to figure out how to edit it. 


Don't get me wrong, raw video with a reality vibe is totally cool - for some formats and visions. But what I had in my mind required this...the experience, vision and magic of an expert.  


I share this with you because I think it's easy as a business owner to just think - I NEED TO DO IT ALL. And well, that might serve you well in many areas of your business, there are some things that require more. Like other people's talent and services. 


Realizing when you need to grab the knowledge and skills of another business owner is the moment you're as serious about your own business as you are about the clients your trying to help. Don't be afraid to invest in your work and let others guide you along the way.




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