Remember your why

May 23, 2017


I am tackling today with my office mate. 


It's quiet. The kids are at school. I am in my comfy "office" attire. I've made two batches of my favorite coffee in my French press. I've walked among my favorite trees. I've even prepped dinner for tonight. 


These are just a few of my 'whys' behind what I do. And they don't even get into the actual work that I am so passionate about. The why that lead me to begin my own business. 


Becoming a business owner is no small feat. And remembering why we do what we do is important.


It's easy to think about all the negatives of going it alone (or as the head honcho of your empire). So on the days you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with handling it all, I encourage you to go back to your why. And just sit with that for a moment. And give thanks. For as many reasons as you may list to stop and go back to the grind, I say there's quadruple the reasons to keep fighting to live another day as the director of your destiny. 





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