SOCIAL MEDIA + NONPROFITS the eBook is on Kindle NOW

November 23, 2015


It's here! The first eBook in a series of more to come...



How to use social media to benefit your nonprofit


Who needs this eBook?

Anyone who is responsible for creating or managing social media for a nonprofit (e.g., an intern, a volunteer, a Board Member, a social media manager, marketing manager, etc.).



Many times as the social media point person, you are required to educate, coach and train your tribe (e.g., leadership, staff, volunteers, interns, Board Members, etc.). From my own experience, the only way to do that is to confidently understand why social media makes sense for nonprofits (beyond, everyone else is doing it) and how to convey the power it does hold when executed consistently and with heart. By heart, I mean doing everything authentically and from a place of passion.


By reading this eBook, you will develop your social media vernacular and take away step-by-step tactics for planning and executing your nonprofit's social media.


It is my hope that this eBook helps someone make a difference in a nonprofit they are passionate about. #YES2DIGITAL


Happy Thanksgiving.



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