I don't care which generation you belong to...

August 28, 2014

Gen X, Y. Millennials. And now Gen Z. They've come, they've ruffled feathers and surely the next generation will be worse than the last. Right? It's a matter of perspective that's debated all over the web, across academics and within corporate offices. By now we can all agree that differences in priorities, values and work habits constitute much of the debate.


There is one characteristic that will help anyone - no matter which generation - when it comes to rising above the rest. Want to truly shine and thrive?


Be coachable.


It seems like a simple concept, yet it truly is a struggle for many. It's likely due to ego and pride getting in the way. Take a trip back to your youth. Remember the child-like wonder we had while we learned how to ride a bike, write, use an electronic device, etc.? We were hungry to learn. We didn't have any walls up so that others wouldn't find out that...(gasp) we might not know how to do something or have the answers.


Remember these three tips.


1. Listen actively.

2. Ask for feedback on how you are doing.

3. Let your mentor, boss or colleague know that you want to learn from them.


It will propel your personal and professional growth, it will connect you to your colleagues and open the lines of communication, as well as increase trust and respect.





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