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When I think of you, I think of my Dad. Late nights. Long days. Perseverance. Struggle. Celebration. Tenacity. Heart. As a child I watched my Dad do all the things you're doing now. I'm doing them too. We're all humans living this experience. We have chosen this path because it was called out of us. My greatest joy, and when I feel my purpose colliding with my dreams, is when I'm with you. I get it. I do. And this is why working with soulpreneurs is my calling.  

You are NOT alone.

Working together will be unlike any other service you engage. I won't just stay on the periphery. I will learn why you do what you do, what makes your tribe unique, areas of strength, as well as weaknesses and much, much more. I know that for me to deliver value to you, I must intimately understand your passion, as well as you as a person.

Coaching Topics 
  • Branding

  • Communications

  • Content - Creation & Development

  • Events

  • Messaging

  • Online Programs

  • Social Media

  • Team Development

  • ‚ÄčAnd more

Let's talk. I offer a 20-minute FREE consultation which my new clients love. This is a fantastic way to talk through some of the things you need, areas of struggle or ideas for growth. We can get a feel for whether or not we are fit for one another. And very quickly, you and I will both know if we want to work together. It's free. Go ahead, book your 20-minute consultation now!

Meet a client: Bird in Hand coaching
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