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I began this business in November 2014 during a challenging time in my life. And through the changes I experienced, both personally and professionally, I made a decision. Operating authentically was the only way I could move forward. Working with soulpreneurs who are passionate, honest and authentic would lead to the the work that is being called out of me - coaching others to be authentic in everything they do.

I have a 20 year career in marketing and communications, working for technology companies and accounting firms. I began my own business because I needed freedom to live the life I desire and to share my talents in my own unique way.


My vibrant spirit along with my proactive and detailed approach with my clients, creates an environment where we can be ourselves and create our best work. I am known for my ability to strategize big ideas AND capture the details. I'm a native Texan with a passion for travel.  My two children, fiance, bonus daughter, our beloved dog + strange cat make our home just the right mix of loud and loving. 


My other passion project is Wonder&Flow. As a Grief Guide and Martha Beck Life Coach, I help grieving people live their lives forward. And I will even go so far as to say live their lives with JOY. My husband's death was my awakening. I believe we get to choose how we live after loss and I choose to live with hope + joy. We all have stories to tell. Sometimes someone else may need us to speak up just as much as we need to share. Don't we all have a concoction of tragedy and triumph?  

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